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payitforwarworldwifi MobITPromo The MobIT Monopoly In Mobile Marketing   MobitPromosboutbasnner  The World’s First Charitable FREE WI-FI Marketing Systems

MobITPromo® is a proprietary, direct response, location-based Marketing consumer_infographics320x240system, that incentivizes Users to interact by providing a free Wi-Fi service that delivers geographically and behaviorally targeted advertisements and video infomercials from local, regional, and national brands.

Today’s world is fast paced and mobile technology has changed the way consumers communicate. Location-based advertising is now poised to change the way retail advertisers communicate with consumers because via mobile, consumers readily respond to;

Free Consumer Wi-Fi Internet Access With Automatic Multi Location Connectivity                                                                                                             

• Mobile Direct-Response Coupons, Discounts, Offers, and Video Infomercials

• Geographic Targeting Plug and Paly

• Consumer Behavioral Targeting

• Wireless Device Targeting

• Competitor Targeting System

• Wi-Fi location-based, Revenue Partner/Affiliate marketing system

• Mobile Banners, Social Media, SMS, and Email Interactivity

• Comprehensive Analytical System • Eco-friendly Incentives via Mobile


MobITPromo is unlike any other mobile marketing or direct response marketing system. MobITPromo resolves all of the issues that others cannot. MobITPromo works with every wireless device, is not restricted by content type, or interactivity abilities. MobITPromo provides the incentive to keep consumers coming back over and over again to use the system. No other mobile marketing technology offers so much. MobITPromo ® is a state-of-the-art White Label mobile Network marketing system that incentivizes consumers with a free Wi-Fi service, and delivers advertisements from local, regional, and national brands advertisers.Website Coupon and Redemption The power of MobITPromo is extensible because of its ability to deliver advertisements, deals, and discount offers outside of a typical location-based marketing area by including both Mobile & Web portals which consumers can access from anywhere. Providing the ability to shop at home, adding selected discounted offers of their liking to a built-in mobile-wallet, and then using their mobile phone to redeem offers in-store at a convenient time.

The MobITPromo system is designed for progressive marketers and entrepreneurs who desire to create a self-branded or sponsored Wi-Fi Marketing Network, and sell advertising services to local, regional, and national merchants. The MobITPromo platform is comprised of hardware and 100% Cloud based platforms. Hardware devices are 100% Plug & Play, not requiring any configuration or ongoing maintenance whatsoever. Once deployed, devices automatically update themselves with our incorporated Set & Forget technology. Watch the MobITPromo System Overview MobITPromo Wi-Fi Direct Response Marketing strategies are like no other medium before it for many reasons as our revolutionary technology busts open doors for Retail Advertising Partners. With MobITPromo retail advertisers ride a tsunami of new profits thanks to the mobile-revolution, the MobITPromo Wi-Fi Location advertising revolution.

MobITPromo’s Location-Based Marketing delivers a cost effective marketing channel as real time instant tracking and results significantly reduce advertiser waste. With MobITPromo advertisers reap high conversion rates which translate into “GROID” …Greater Return on Investment Dollar. MobITPromo is the future of advertising as it delivers data unavailable anywhere through any advertising medium……… • Merchants keep 100% of Sale Price •

business  calc pic

Live Campaign Data Real-Time Tracking Metrics

• Strategic Location Dissemination

• Device Specific Deployment via Remote Web Access

• 24/7 Ad Delivery for One Price

• Any Content Delivery (coupons, images, redemption codes, App dissemination, video infomercials, and more )

• Advertiser Self-Managed Platform

• Communication w/Wi-Fi Devices; Apple, Android, Blackberry, and any wireless enabled device.

• Dedicated Team Supports Advertisers • Powerful Database w/ Response Metrics & Contact Info & Capability

• Social media engagement

• Free for Consumers And so much more! MobITPromo is unlike any other mobile marketing or proximity marketing system. MobITPromo resolves all of the issues that others cannot. MobITPromo works with every wireless device, is not restricted by content type, or interactivity abilities. MobITPromo provides the incentive to keep consumers coming back over and over again to use the system. No other mobile marketing technology offers so much. • 100% Cloud based technologies • Location based response system that contextually keyword targets advertisements to shoppers

• Offer Free Wireless Internet with devices that self-configure and automatically update • 100% Device independent displays correctly on all phones and wireless devices. • All proximity marketing hardware devices are plug & play – No software or configuration required. • Simple device location and advertising assignment and reassignment. • Unlimited devices – Build your network with any number of devices.

• Merchants signup and manage their own advertising accounts. Full campaign analytics. • Low cost devices enable you to grow your network lightning fast. • Easy to understand, deploy and manage for one monthly cost to match your requirements.

• We provide small, medium and enterprise solutions. MobITPromo is a brand-able or sponsored solution MobITPromo Push Targeting Technology

Target by Geographic Location, Consumer Behavior, Category, Consumer Device Type, Browser Type, and Operating System

• Manage Campaign Frequency Capping, Start and End Times, Target by Time of Day, Day of Week, and More • Deliver Coupons, Offers and Deals, Banners, and Video Infomercials • Instant Track, Measure, Data Aggregation, and Test

Unlike traditional retail advertising channels, MobITPromo Wi-Fi Direct Response Marketing creates a new way for retail advertisers to deliver and engage consumers in live responsive “real time” advertising. What’s the value of “real time” advertising? Standard ad production for print or TV takes at best days for development, often weeks, and even months before distribution is available, with MobITPromo Proximity Marketing advertisers create an ad anytime, set it live immediately, target response, test call to action, identify consumer response, and evaluate sales response metrics in real time! With MobITPromo immediate ad content delivery is what our platform delivers and response tracking metrics in real time is just the beginning of the power MobITPromo consumer engagement. MobITPromo is the new standard in retail marketing & advertising but there’s more! Geo-Contextual Push Targeting Technology MobITPromo takes Mobile Ad delivery to an entirely new level. With the ability to Geo-target by Network Latitude and Longitude location, Device Latitude and Longitude location, advertising Category, Consumer Device Type, Browser Type, and Device Operating System and by contextually matching consumer behavior within specific location coordinates. Thereby providing Mobile targeting capabilities previously unheard of, and without the need for the consumer to download or install anything. Advertisements are Geo-targeted to the specific locations you select, and then Pushed to the Consumer through our proprietary contextual engine that matches consumer behavior within a particular merchants location with their advertisements. merchants The MobITPromo contextual technology refines and targets advertisement delivery specifically to consumer interests. Because our technology is 100% Cloud based, calculations and delivery assessments are completed in milliseconds and is indiscernible by the consumer. The benefit to the consumer is highly targeted, relevant and time sensitive engagement, providing access to specials, discounts and offers from merchants with their immediate local area.

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